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Scrub Oak - Band | Ken Miller Guitars

Scrub Oak - Band

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Scrub Oak was formed in 1999 by Ken Miller, Virginia Miller and Brian Murray. The band and our friendships have been cemented by 13 years of playing weekly together. We play our version of what we call "Pre-grass" or "Antique Country Music" which spans 1850 to 1950; specializing in upbeat fiddle tunes and upbeat songs of "despair and tragedy." Often called Bluegrass, these songs are actually what Bluegrass evolved from. Many of our vocals come from Carter Family songs. Brian Murray is ever our Bluegrass and Bill Monroe enthusiast, constantly introducing us to "new" material.

We specialize in party gigs and special events (weddings, birthdays and anniversaries). Occasionally we play a gig at our favorite gig spot, Oscar's in Havana, Florida (a wonderful place to eat by the way!).

On occasion our friend and musician extraordinaire, Frank Lindamood sits in with us and provides some spectacular old time banjo playing.