Hummingbird Guitar

The back and sides of this guitar are of rare Birdseye Brazilian Rosewood. The neck and internal linings are of Mahogany and the neck has a hidden adjustable truss rod with graphite reinforcement. The bridge and head plate are of matching Birdseye Brazilian Rosewood, the finger board is Ebony and the trim is Koa. The face and internal bracings are Red Spruce with a sound hole rosette of Green Snail. The nut and saddle are made from Fossil Ivory and the end pin and bridge pins are of Fossil Ivory with Abalone dots.

Flower Mandolin

This mandolin was built by Ken in 1978. It has Maple back and sides with a Sitka Spruce face. The fingerboard is Ebony and the bridge is Brazilian Rosewood. The peghead overlay is Burl Walnut. The peghead and fingerboard are inlayed with green and red Abalone, and a Mother of Pearl nameplate at the twelfth fret. The instrument is bound in Ivroid.


This is my interpretation of a pre-Revolution Master quality Russian instrument. The back of the balalaika is Quilted maple and the neck is Curly Maple. The face is German Spruce as are the internal bracing and linings. The instrument is trimmed in Walnut and Brazilian Rosewood. The fingerboard is Ebony and the bridge is Brazilian Rosewood. The nut is made of Pearl, the saddle and string pins are of Ivory. The tuners and cover plate are Gold with Mother-of-Pearl buttons. The inlays are of Mother-of-Pearl, Gold Pearl and Green Abalone.

Steve Kaufman #100

"I've owned many guitars in my musical career: Collings, Martins, Taylors, Gallaghers and now I own a cherrished Ken Miller Guitar.It is the most beautiful of all the guitars I have ever owned. Made of a figured Babinga African tonewood for the back and sides and Red Spruce top and braces. But beauty is only skin deep. Ken's building skills are among the top few in the world. Coupled with Virginia's ability to create imaginative and intricate inlay patterns. They have crafted my guitar for beauty and to have the most even and balanced tone possible.

Bob Kidd on #118

"Ken Miller has to be one of the pre-eminent custom, small-shop guitar builders of the new millennium. In my opinion, his work can be added to the pantheon of master luthiers widely known among flatpickers: Henderson, Walker, Hoover, Huss, Proulx. There are many good builders, but few can turn such humble materials into the magnificent tonal and aesthetic creations that are Ken’s instruments. Last summer I commissioned my second guitar with Ken and Virginia, based on two words I saw on their web site – “The Tree.”

Phil Anania on his Dragon Guitar # 108

"Last year I commissioned Ken Miller to build me a custom dreadnought guitar. I received my guitar on Wednesday and I want to say a public THANK YOU to Ken and Virginia for building me a Masterpiece.

My guitar is made of Black Brazilian Rosewood (back and sides), and is from the same set of wood as Old 97 but with out the orange strip. The top is Adirondack Spruce.

Allen Shadd on The White Mountain Guitar

"I have to say here that I played Old 97 before it went to it's home, and it was the best sounding dread that Ken and Virginia had built to date, with mine being a close second. If your guitar is of the same stock as that one, it should be a fine sounding guitar.

Doug Randall on "Old 97"

"Seeing Phil Anania's glowing account of his new Ken and Virginia Miller creation -- #108 : Dragon -- I am moved to report on its sibling, Old 97, which I have had in hand for the past 14 or 15 months.

And that's where it has been -- literally -- for most of those months: in my hands being played and played and played, and then played some more.

Michael S. Eudy on his custom ukulele

Ken & Virginia,

I have a breathtakingly beautiful, magnificently brilliant, hand-crafted custom built Ukulele which has a label in it that says, "Kenneth Miller".

This Kenneth Miller must be some sort of mythical dragon because only a dragon could build such an exalted musical piece.
There really are no words that do this instrument any justice. One really has to see it, hold it, smell it, and strum it's strings to fully grasp the meaning of expert craftsmanship. Simply put this musical instrument is amazingly beautiful and sounds like a million dollars.

Bob Kidd on # 105

I want to thank you again for the wonderful guitar you built me. Every time, I play it in a jam people comment on its beauty and its tone, not to mention the fact that it is loud. I've never played a mahogany guitar with a bass response like #105. Thank you again for all the care and attention.


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