A stunning instrument in every way. Chris Newman said of it, " "I really don't like big guitars, but that Ken Miller D I played that day was astounding - probably the best sounding dreadnaught I ever played." It has Bubinga back and sides with a Red Spruce face. This incredible instrument was created for Bud Onstad who said, "I don't think I ever pick up the guitar without thinking, 'isn't this a beautiful guitar"'. Bud fondly calls the guitar "Baby."

Anhinga's Reflection

This 000 size guitar was created for Bob Cox of the performing duo of Bob and Mary Cox. It has Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a Red Spruce face. The headstock inlay is an Anhinga that is made from Black Pearl. The Anhinga's reflection is made from Abalone heart. Bob had this to say about his Ken Miller custom guitars: "Mary bought a Ken Miller quilted mahogany dreadnaught for me a couple of years ago. It is far superior to the Martin and Gibson guitars we have had and comparable to the very expensive pre-war Martins owned by a friend who is a collector.

The Musical Lady

The Musical Lady has a back and sides of flamed Koa with Brazilian Rosewood trim and a Red Spruce face. A Soft cutaway and a bevel make this guitar comfortable and easy to play. The head stock inlay is of Koa, Ivory from a piano key, and Red Abalone. The intricate fingerboard inlay is made of silver wire and Black Pearl. The soundhole rosette is made from Green Snail.

Koa Anchor

This custom guitar is a slope shouldered "D" with back and sides of flamed Koa and a face of Red Spruce. This guitar has a big presence combined with the very clear and balanced tone of Koa. Created for a career Naval officer, it has an Anchor inlay on the peghead and a dolphin at the 12th fret.


This Koa jumbo has astonishing balance and tone. It belongs to poet and musician Songmuang "Summer" Greer. He shared this with us about a month after his new guitar was delivered:

Rolly Brown # 115

"I'm picky and demanding when it comes to guitars. I want my guitar to sound sweet and gentle on ballads, gutsy and gutteral on the blues. I want it to ring like a bell for bluegrass and sing out elegantly for swing and jazz. Most of all, I want it to be responsive and loud, so I don't have to struggle to get sound out of it. Only a handful of guitars I've ever played fulfill this requirement completely. My Ken Miller guitar is one of them, and it has a unique voice which somehow manages to sound traditional and/or modern as the music requires.

Florida Folk Festival

We have been exhibiting our instruments in the Stephen Foster Museum at the Florida Folk Festival for thirteen years. At the 2011 and 2012 Florida Folk Festival in White Springs we had a photo opportunity with all of the Ken Miller Guitar owners and their instruments who were attending this event. Because of the many events scheduled we planned for a quick shoot at 10:00am on Saturday. However, those who did not have scheduled events during this time stayed for almost an hour, getting to know each other and swapping instruments and tunes.


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