Harp Ukulele

A soprano harp ukulele, made with Koa back, sides and face. This ukulele has Ebony fingerboard and Brazilian Rosewood trim and peghead overlays. The necks are made of Spanish Cedar. The nuts and saddles are Ivory. It has all geared tuners. Inlays of Abalone and Green Snail. We have this beautiful instrument on consignment from the original owner.

Celtic Guitar

This 000 size guitar has Boise D'Rose back and sides and a Red Spruce face. The binding is flamed Koa and the rosette is made from Green Snail. It has an arm bevel and a soft cutaway for comfort and ease of playing. The sound port acts as a personal monitor.


This jumbo sized guitar has a back and sides of highly flamed Mahogany with Brazilian Rosewood binding and a Red Spruce face. The arm bevel provides comfort and ease of playing. The inlays are made of Mother of Pearl with two large snowflakes on the peghead and small snowflakes drifting down the fingerboard.

The Wolf

This jumbo sized guitar has back and sides of Ziricote with a Red Spruce top. The pick guard is Ziricote which matches the back and sides. The peghead inlay is made of Gold Mother of Pearl. The 12th fret inlay is made of engraved Ivory.

The Greeb

A beautiful instrument made with Quilted Mahogany back and sides and a face of Red Spruce. The Greeb inlay at the 12th fret is made of Black and Gold Mother of Pearl and has a Ruby for an eye. After 5 months, this is what the owner said about it, "I've had your (now mine!) guitar for about five months and I couldn't be happier with it. The intonation is perfect and the the punch and tone unbelievable. I just put some new strings on and wow! What a cannon! I want to thank you for the care you put into the instrument. Everyone who sees it marvels at its beauty and tone."

Wedding Ukulele

This beautiful blonde instrument is made of solid American Holly, the only naturally white wood. Holly is used for the face, back, sides, neck, fingerboard and bridge. The trim work around the body, fingerboard and sound hole is Curly Maple. The interior bracing and blocks are of Adirondack (Red) Spruce, the linings are of Cypress. The inlays are of Green Snail, White and Gold Mother of Pearl and Red Abalone. The nut is made of Mother of Pearl and the saddle is of Ivory. The ukulele is finished with Oil Varnish which gives the Holly a rich Ivory color.

The Nautical Slope D

This Sloped "D" guitar was created for a customer who has a love of sailing. The back and sides are made of Indian Rosewood and the face is Red Spruce.

Puerto Rico Guitar

This "Nick Lucas" size body is extra deep (5 inches) but the arm bevel makes it very comfortable to play. It has a back and sides of Cuban Mahogany and a face of Red Spruce. The inlays are in memory of the customer's home, Puerto Rico, with beaches, mountains and palm trees made of abaone, mother of pearl and Koa.

The Dove

This 000 has back and sides Bois D'Rose with a Red Spruce face and a Green Snail rosette. They armrest bevel provides comfort and makes the instrument feel smaller while maintaining a big sound. The inlay on the headstock is of a pair of doves made of quilted maple. The Dove belongs to old time guitar and mandolin player extraordinaire, Roger Eudy.

The Blue Goose

A Slope Shouldered "D" made of Curly Mahogany back and sides and Red Spruce face. The arm bevel makes this jumbo sized instrument comfortable to play and the sound port provides a monitor.


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