The Mockingbird

This Koa jumbo has astonishing balance and tone. It belongs to poet and musician Songmuang "Summer" Greer. He shared this with us about a month after his new guitar was delivered:

The Greebe

John had this to say about his new custom Ken Miller: "I've had your (now mine!) guitar for about five months and I couldn't be happier with it. The intonation is perfect and the the punch and tone unbelievable. I just put some new strings on and wow! What a cannon! I want to thank you for the care you put into the instrument. Everyone who sees it marvels at its beauty and tone."

Young Hoss

The back and sides of this "D" size guitar are Bubinga with Brazilian Rosewood trim, bridge and peghead overlay. The tone and volume of this instrument were so astounding that we named it "Young Hoss" after Doc Watson's Gallagar "Hoss." Young Hoss has an armrest bevel and a sound port.

50th Anniversary Guitar

Built to celebrate 50 years of building guitars, this 000 beauty has back and sides of Spanish Olive wood with Brazilian Rosewood bridge and binding. The face, bracing and blocks are Red Spruce. The neck is Spanish Cedar and the peghead overlay is Brazilian Imbuia. The fingerboard is Ebony. The bridge pins, nut and saddle are Ivory. The inlays are made of Mother of Pearl, Green Snail and Paua, Red and Green Abalones, reconstituted stone and Silver. The bevel on the lower bout provides comfort and the sound port acts as a built in monitor.

"Skeeter Hawk"

This wonderful "D" size guitar has a back and sides of Cuban Mahogany with Brazilian Rosewood binding. The face is made from "Lucky Twelve" Sitka Spruce. This guitar has exceptional balance, tone, volume and bass response. An armrest bevel adds comfort.

2013 Kamp Guitar

This "D" size guitar is made of Cuban Mahogany with a Red Spruce face. The inlay on the head stock pictures a silhouette of a bear walking in the mountains in the evening. The inlay is made of different types of woods, the moon is made of Mother of Pearl and the stars are made of Silver wire. At the 12th fret is an engraved Mother of Pearl plaque celebrating the 18th annual Kaufman Kamp. This guitar will be given away as a door prize at the Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp in Maryville, Tennessee in June 2013, second week.

The Tree Mahogany

This "D" size guitar is made from "The Tree" quilted Mahogany with a "Lucky Twelve" Sitka face. Both of these tonewoods are extremely rare. The binding is Brazilian Rosewood, as is the bridge and peghead overlay. This is a remarkable instrument, not only in appearance but also in tone and volume. The peghead inlay is of Paua and Green Abalone, Green Snail and Gold Mother of Pearl.

Parlour Guitar

This 00 size Parlor Guitar was created for old time musician and craftsman, Ken Horne. The guitar is made of Indian Rosewood back and sides and a Red Spruce top. Elegantly simple to recreate a period 1800's look for Ken who does a variety of re-enactments. It is a small guitar with a big voice.

Old Time Banjo

This banjo is Ken's interpretation of a circa 1900 Presentation Banjo. The neck is made from Walnut. The neck and bowl are trimmed with Bloodwood. The fingerboard is Ebony and The peghead overlay is Brazilian Rosewood. The nut is Ivory. The inlays are made from engraved Gold Mother of Pearl.

Florida Guitar # 1 - Ibis

FLORIDA This guitar is made almost entirely of Florida woods. The back, sides and peg head overlay are made of Walnut, the neck is Cuban Mahogany and uses a dove tail joint and an adjustable truss rod. The face is Adirondack (Red) Spruce and the internal unkerfed linings are Deadhead Cypress, the binding is Eucalyptus. The fingerboard is Ebony and the bridge is Florida Rosewood. The inlays are of Mother-of-Pearl and Green Abalone. The nut and saddle are Ivory, the bridge and strap pins are of Horn with Abalone dots.


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