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Classical & Flamenco | Ken Miller Guitars

Classical & Flamenco

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My Classical and Flamenco guitars are modeled after the guitars made in Madrid, Spain circa 1930, such as those made by Santos Hernandez. They tend to be slightly smaller and more "feminine" looking than most of what is being built today, yet they still have a standard 650 mm scale length. This reflects my concern that the modern guitars are losing sight of the wonderful designs and sounds produced by the earlier era.

My Flamenco guitars have Cypress back and sides, with friction tuners standard. I build the Classical guitars with a variety of woods; some beautiful Brazilian Rosewood, and I also have very nice Koa, Claro Walnut, Curly Maple and other exotic woods. I prefer use Brazilian Rosewood for bridges and I always use Ebony for fingerboards. I prefer spruce for the face of my guitars, a wood which grows in sound over the years. I use only best quality materials throughout. The design and construction of these guitars is by the traditional Spanish method.

The classical guitars come with Deluxe Gold Gotoh tuning machines, and these instruments come with a TKL hardshell case.

The base price for the Flamenco guitar and for the Classical guitar is $6,000