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About Us

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Ken Miller started his building career in 1962 when his guitar needed repairs and he fixed it himself. Soon other people were bringing their instruments to him to repair. In the early 70's he spent several years working at Guild Guitars in Westerly, Rhode Island in a variety of positions including assistant foreman in final assembly. In the following years Ken focused mostly on repairs while managing to build one to four instruments per year. With his wife, Virginia, designing and cutting inlays, Ken was a full time luthier from 1999 to 2015.

While specializing in fretted instruments Ken built balalaikas, banjos, dulcimers, guitars, mandolins and ukuleles; in fact almost anything that caught his fancy or the interest of a customer. Most of his instruments were built in "traditional" styles although his Acousteel guitars use an adaptation of thee "Kasha-Schneider" bracing concept. As of 2015 Ken is fully retired and no longer taking orders.